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Vision 2030 – Future Engineering

University Ranking Systems



Artificial Intelligence as a Driving Force for Human Development


9 Dec. 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) comprises the concept of computers simulating human behavior, by following the patterns of the human brain and conducting analysis using the same processing techniques. Hence, AI system will be able to perform the same activities as humans with superior precision.


AI can be explored under 5 headings, referred to as "The Five Big Ideas" by AI4K12 Initiative.

The Five Big Ideas of AI

1. Perception: Computers perceive the world using sensors

2. Representation and reasoning: Agents maintain representations of the world and use them for reasoning

3. Learning: Computers can learn from data, using Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning.

4. Natural interaction: Intelligent agents require many kinds of knowledge to interact naturally with humans.

5. Societal impact: AI can impact society in both positive and negative ways.

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Designing Effective Presentations

28 May 2018

The way we present our research findings, services or products greatly influences the pace of disseminating the final product. Click here to find out some hints on making your presentation better...


Vision 2030 – Future Engineering

26 Oct. 2016

What does the future bears for us? Let’s have a look to the future from the eyes of the famous futurists… Some of these quotations are… Humanity will change more in the next 20 years than in all human history.  By 2030, the average person in the U.S. will have 4.5 packages a week delivered with flying drones.  They will travel 40% of the time in a driverless car, use a 3D printer to print hyper-individualized meals and will spend most of their leisure time on an activity that hasn’t been invented yet. …Click for more…Best viewed in .pdf full screen mode


Future Carriers

The purpose of this presentation is to help students develop awareness about the professions that will develop / regress in the near future and to examine what they should pay attention to when choosing a profession. Click for more...


The Learning Process

October 2022

Learning is acontinou process of assessing readiness, setting learning goals, modifying the learning parameters, engaging in the learning process, evaluating the leraning results and repeating the sequence untill the learning goal is achived. Lets have a look at The Learning Process in more details...


University Ranking Systems

High ranking is important because it helps universities to improve institutions visibility, be found by quality academics, be found by quality students, be found by quality universities, to know your position for improvement, to know your rivals position, to know your partners position and to know your features to be improved. The following is a brief presentation about criteria for different global Ranking systems click for more Best viewed in .pdf full screen mode


Factors Triggering Innovation

2 Dec. 2018

The presentation focuses on the factors that trigger innovation with examples of two industrialized countries UK and Germany and a developing country Turkey to discover what institutions are required for enhancing innovative potential of a country. The subjects covered include

~   Countries in Science and Technology

~   Major Technology Exporters & Spending on R&D

~   Global Technology Map and Technology Capacity

~   Economic Production Capacity vs Global Creativity Index

~   Ways of Creating an Innovative Product

~   Development Models through R&D & Budget Allocation

~   Duties and Responsibilities of Supporting Institutions

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