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About MediaExper.com

Founded at the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Technopark, MediaExper focuses on research and development, design, application and consultancy for digital promotion strategy and material development covering multi-media, social-media, personal communications systems and internet applications development.

MediaExper offers its ability to develop a vital growth-oriented media, communications and commercial advertising services, security monitoring, restructuring and reorganizing web based information systems for higher performance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), solving internet speed and security problems to take advantage of the many new opportunities and technologies for business expansion. MediaExper is a strong, viable company whose strength relies on the highly-qualified specialists and their management teams in the universities and other research and development institutions in Cyprus and elsewhere in its coverage. MediaExper also provides sub-contractor services to other companies in its focus areas.


MediaExper Company Basic Principle

In order to avoid conflict of interest, MediaExper works with only one company in every different sectors in the industry with a high reliability and confidentiality.


Keywords: multi-media, experts, experience, web, design, implementation, consultancy, education, mobile, wireless, social-media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope.