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Search Engine Optimization is employed in order to improve visibility of a web site by embedding search engine friendly multimedia components such as carefully selected keywords into a web site, to make it noticeable by search engine searching algorithms. There are two different methods for optimizing a web site.

1.   On-Page Optimization: Web page multimedia elements such as HTML code, text,  graphics and images embeded in the website.

2.   Off-Page Optimization: The number of back-links (external links pointing to the site from other relevant web sites, specially from prestigious and well-known sites)


Our Solution


First step of SEO (Two months)

a)  Carrying out a 2 weeks keyword search to find the best strategy to overtake the competitors ranking for relevant search queries,

b)  Changing and optimizing more than 100 effective SEO factor (title page, meta desc., headers, hrefs and the like) for each page of the website for related contents,

c)  Installing and linking analytics such as Google-Analytics and Bing web master tool for having real time analysis,

d)  Improving mobile compliance rate,

e)  Improving website compliance rate,

f)   Checking all legal linking,

g)  Continuation of the work…


Second step: (optional 10 months – Necessary for business with large number of competitors such as real estate agents and hotels)

·  For 10 months after first step, the results will be analyzed and the factors effecting visibility and prestige of the web will be improved in real time.



a)   The benchmarks for web page ranking are web sites such as booking.com and tripadvisor.com. Any private web site can not be ranked higher than these web-sites in short time periods. It may be possible to overtake them in several years, provided that a highly professional team will be in charge.

b)   Our immediate target is to raise yourbusiness.com to be listed in the first page among similar businesses in Cyprus in major search engines using most commonly used keywords. This will be achieved within a year period.

c)    For SEO to take effects, it requires a 6-9 month time period. Therefore, we suggest beginning work as soon as possible.