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MediaExper benefits from its pool of experts serving at the universities and research institutions in the region in order to solve technological problems and assist the clients searching for solutions for their critical technology and business issues. MediaExper also exploits the opportunities such as, technological strategies, international marketing of technological products, digital transformation and corporate communications across all industries and geographies, particularly in Middle East and Africa. It offers profound functional expertise in technological solution development but it is best known for its holistic perspective.


MediaExper can help with technological consulting through its experienced implementation consultants, technical project managers or technical consultants on:


Solutions for Mobile Communications Systems, Strategies and Applications

  • Mobile Equipment Identity Registry (CEIR),

  • Number Portability System Solution (NPS),

  • Telecommunications Traffic Monitoring Systems,

  • Base Station Planning,

  • Integrated 3G-WiFi Services,


Surveillance Camera and Security Systems

  • Through our equipment vendor and solution partners, we offer wide range of IP cameras designed for security surveillance in a variety of commercial and industrial settings.

  • From our high-end fixed and high-speed IP cameras to panoramic, thermal imaging, impact resistant equipment, we offer cameras for all settings.

  • Application areas include banks, schools, warehouses, factories, homes, ...


Scalable Institutional PBX/PABX Telephony System Design and Implementation

  • Decision making on the choice of the most suitable telephone exchange / PBX / PABX for a particular building/site/warehouse/factory/apartment

  • Choice of network topology for optimal budget-time-performance

  • Microwave link design for transporting line / trunk signals using wireless fibre technology


Automated Queue Management Systems

  • Solutions for Business Process Improvement

  • Conversion Rates

  • Occupancy Monitoring

  • Staff Scheduling and Labor Optimization

  • Assessing Advertising and Promotion Campaigns i.t.o Number of Customers

  • Improving In-Store Environment


Water Desalination Systems for Industrial Premises

  • Water Desalination Systems design, implementation and services for hotels, hospitals, schools, food and drink production factories...


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