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MediaExper takes the following directions as its guideline for developing Social Media and Branding Strategies for industrial and service organizations.

1) The right content at the right time:  Quality content is the key to a successful engagement. It is always recommended to allow graphics to be produced by a qualified professional. Insights should also be analysed to find an optimal time on which most of your audience is active on social media so that your content has maximum exposure

2) Go Live: Live streaming platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Periscope are becoming increasingly popular. By ‘going live’ you can attract more subscribers to your page. Your

 current subscribers can enjoy what your brand has to offer from the comfort of their homes.

3) Post Regularly: Brand awareness is a big part of why many brands are engaged on Social Media. If you don’t post regularly, the risk of your subscribers losing interest in your brand is multiplied. However, it is essential to strike the right balance between too much and too little as not to overwhelm your subscribers. It is best to read into key metrics for your audience to find out the optimal posting frequency.

4) Use Humour:  Humour is an effective tool in traditional as well as new media. You can generate many followers for your brand by using the right balance of humour and engaging content. A well executed humorous campaign can become a social media hit and become viral in a very short period of time. However it is vital to analyse the public space before engaging in such a campaign because humour can easily offend your audience as well

5) Promote Your Profiles: promoting social media accounts online as well as using traditional media (flyers, posters, radio ads etc.) is key to maximum brand exposure. Personal websites should also be used to promote social media channels. Many businesses rely on their social media followers to grow at a rapid pace organically despite research proving this to be an ineffective method in the promotion of a brand.

6) Find the right platform: As a brand you need to choose the right platform in order to become well known by your audience.

Facebook: Facebook with its 1.9 billion users (as of July 2017) is by far the best platform to promote brand awareness. Most brands are active on Facebook because it has the largest reach amongst all social media platforms.

Instagram: Businesses that rely heavily on images such as fashion companies and retailers are more engaged on Instagram. It is an effective way to reach young adults.

LinkedIn: If your Brand’s main audience are other companies, it is more effective to use Linked In because most of these businesses are likely to operate on LinkedIn

Twitter: Twitter is best used to create a Social Empowering campaign. You can keep your audience informed on the latest developments and create ideas or discussions you are aiming to create within the society.

7) Use Visuals: Images and videos are powerful tools which help promote a brand’s image on Social Media. Visuals are very engaging and can attract a lot of attention with minimal effort. After all, a picture says a thousand words. Your visual theme should reflect what your brand stands for, its uniqueness and topics your audience is interested in.

8) Monitor Constantly: As a brand, you should monitor your social media accounts constantly. respond to any negative reviews you get about a product, promote the positive views you get about a product and answer any questions you get about your brand. By doing so your audience will feel appreciated, well informed and you can respond to any complaints and identify a possible crisis situation before it arises for the brand.

9) Connect with Influencers: By getting a celebrity to endorse your brand on social media you might get closer to your target audience and get additional exposure by connecting with a celebrity’s followers.

10) Social Media Team: Running a business as well as creating social campaigns can be a daunting task. Getting professional guidance is always a good idea in order to strengthen your brands awareness on social media.

Source: Eastern Mediterranean University Social Media Unit. More information can be found at social-media blog.

Lets get started and enjoy enhancing your visibility…